1.   Before first use, wash the pan thoroughly with soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Then wipe the surface with a layer of cooking oil to condition them before use. Warm the pan on slow fire for 20 minutes. Switch off the fire. Let it cool down and the pan is ready for use.
2.  Cast Iron cookware can be used on all gas, electric, ceramic, hot plates and induction cookers. It is also an excellent cookware to use in the electric oven.
3.   As the Cast Iron cookware is heavy never drag the cookware as it will scratch the surface top of your stove or table. Always lift on and off one area to the other.
4.   Use the enamel Cast Iron casserole for wet cooking only. Always put in the oil or liquid before turning the heat. For dry cooking like searing, grilling, please use the La gourmet grill pans with black enamelled surface.
5.    During cooking, knobs and handle will become HOT. Use oven mittens, silicone holders or dry thick cloth to handle the cookware.
6.   Heat-For Best results always allow the Cast Iron cookware to heat gradually. Once the cookware is hot, cooking can be done on lower settings. Always remember Cast Iron retains heat efficiently so do not overheat your cookware. Over heating will results in carbonization and discolouration of the cooking surface. (Cast Iron cookware retains heat more than aluminium or stainless steel pans, so always lower heat whilst cooking)
7.   Do not heat an empty Cast Iron pan or allow the cookware to boil completely dry as it will cause permanent damage to the enamelled surface.
8.    Do not knock hard or metal utensils onto the cookware and do not cut food directly on the surface as this will cause damage to the enamelled surface.
9.    The black enamelled surface of the grill pans will over time produce a darkish film or patina which will improve the release or non-stick performance of the pan. Thus, do not scrub out the patina.
10.   After washing, please ensure the cookware are dry before storing in a dry place.
11.   Please handle your Cast Iron cookware with care as knocking against a hard surface of dropping it may damaged the cookware.