Spring- Frying Pan 26*6.5


Brand:                                     SERAFINOZANI
Item   No.:                              SPR104/24(26/28)
Type:                                       Cookware
Material:                                18/10 Stainless Steel
Size:                                        26cm*6.5
Description:                          Frying Pan

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1. The pot lid is perfectly locked with the body. It is good in locking water and nutrition while cooking and performs healthier cooking.
2. Artistic curves design of the steel handle shows the perfection in its workmanship and firm welding technology.
3. The 360°C anti-drip design prevents the liquid from flowing out of the pot body.
4. The three-layer composite bottom allows rapid heat conduction and more even heating. It suppresses the production of soot effectively, saving energy and time as well.


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