1. Say good bye to cooking oil fume
IHC Thermostatic Pot is able to control the cooking temperature precisely. It stabilizes the inner temperature and makes it lower than the fuming point of ordinary cooking oil, solving the problem at its root.
2. Retain the nutrients in food
Through changing the combination of alloy material, the thermostatic pot can detect the optimum cooking temperatures of different foods and retain the nutrients in food.
3. Everyone can be a Chef
Through the precise control of cooking temperature, even stainless steel pot can achieve the non-stick function easily. It keeps the water in food and retains the original fresh taste and texture of food.
4. Energy saving and environmentally friendly
When using IHC Thermostatic Pot with magnetic induction stove, you can enjoy the thermostatic cooking and also reduce carbon emissions while saving energy at the same time. Going green!
5. Safer and more reliable
IHC Thermostatic Pot stabilizes and keeps its temperature lower than the hot-spot temperature. It will not cause a fire when you forgot to turn off the power or prolonged heating, giving you a safer cooking environment.
6. Easier to clean
The pot will not turn yellow and the food will not stick to the pot after cooking, you can clean it easily by ordinary detergent.

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Item No.: CUR104/24(26)
Material:18/10 Stainless Steel
Size:24cm*5.5cm / 26cm*5.8cm
Description: Frying Pan
Controlled temperature:230℃
Applicable: Induction hob


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