Porto-Casserole 20cm


Brand:                                        SERAFINOZANI
Item No.:                                   POR102
Type:                                          Cookware
Material:                                    18/10 Stainless Steel
Size:                                           20*11cm
Description:                             Casserole

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1. The embedded Fiber Reinforced Plastic lid enhanced the visibility and water-locking function of the pot lid.
2. The pot lid is perfectly locked with the body. This avoids loss of water and nutrition, retaining fresh taste and nutrition of foods.
3. The design of large pot handle performs the anti-slip and anti-scald function.
4. The 360°C anti-drip design prevents the liquid from flowing out of the pot body.
5. The composite bottom allows more even heat conduction and is suitable for a variety of stoves.


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