Hob/Stove GLG60409 NG/ULPG


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  • Heating Load *Upper Air Inlet burner with no influence from cabinet
    *Copper fire cap, groove type fire holes, make pure blue fire
    *Uniform fire from big to small
  • Heating Efficiency *three-nozzle structure to fully mix the gas with air
    *Heating efficiency is improved to at least 48% (AU)
  • Safety *FFD
    *Positioning design, easy to put the fire cap right, no gas leakage risk
    *Minimum fire tip ensures no flameout
  • Clean *Three layer tempered glass, safer for any conditions
    *Tempered glass panel, friendly cleaning
    *Safe bakelite knob temperature resistance with long time use
    *Removable pan makes it easier to clean inside


Product size(mm)(W×D)610×510
Built-in size(mm)(W×D)560×480
Gas typeLPG/NG
Gas pressure (kPa)2800/2000/1000
Heating Load (MJ/h)L-Upper: 6.4 R-Upper: 6.4 L-Down: 16.5 R-Down: 2.8 Company: mj
Zone Diameter(mm)/
Knobcylindrical bakelite knob
Gratecast iron
Net weight (kg)13.8
Gross weight (kg)15.7
Carton Size L*W*H(mm)680*572*193


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