Frankfurt-Frying Pan 24/28cm


Brand:                                              SERAFINOZANI
ItemNo.:                                          FRA104/24(28)
Type:                                                Cookware
Size:                                                  28/24cm
Description:                                    Frying Pan

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1. It adopts curved design for the lid, good sealing performance. Foods could be heated evenly and it could reduce the loss of nutrition.
2. The pot has innovative thermosetting ceramic handle which is slip resistant and can prevent scalding injury.
3. The rim of the pot uses R-angle and leak-proofing design which can prevent liquid from flowing to the pot’s body.
4. The handle and pot body adopt high-tech laser spot welding technology which let them have ultra heat resistance and good performance in heat insulation.
5. The three-layered composite bottom is designed for faster and more even heat conduction and suppressing soot production.

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24cm, 28*4.2cm


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