FOTILE Steam Oven SCD26-D1


FOTILE Built-in Steam Oven SCD26-C2 completed with fixture 100% Steam Heating Technology, Integrated Steam Generator, and Precise Temperature Control

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1. Dual-effect steam technology to allow you to precisely control the temperature and guarantee that your food will be as delicious as possible
2. 100% steam heating system perfectly insures healthier and tastier meals.
3. 1-degree precise temperature control is a key factor for delicious meals.
4.Dynamic steam balance system ensures the flavor and texture of the food
5. Multifunction steam oven with 8 functions
6. Pop-up knob, easy to use and easy to clean

Property Data
Certification CB, SAA, ETL
Product size (mm)(W×H×D) 595X455X513
Built-in size (mm)(W×H×D) Half built-in 560X450X550 Full built-in 598X459X550
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Maximum Power(kW) 2.1
Cavity vol. (L) 26
Temperature range (?) 30-100
Net weight (kg) 24
Gross weight (kg) 27.5
Packing-box size (mm) 646X645X560
Volume (m3) 0.233


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